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We deliver classes in various areas and stages of our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses and in teacher training. Module C3 of our 180-credit single-subject Bachelor of Arts degree, which is taught in semesters 5 and 6, has a historical emphasis, and we provide part of the content for Module C2 (Aspects of the history and philosophy of education) in the 90-credit, two-subject course. Our classes give students an insight into the historical dimension of growing up in society, education, and the inculcation of desirable moral and emotional behaviours. We use approaches drawn from sociology, cultural studies and the history of knowledge to illuminate the historicity of educational ideas, practices and institutions and the frequently contested processes by which they have changed over time. As well as enabling students to reflect upon historical developments, we aim to provide them with nuanced awareness of interrelationships, discourses and structures of legitimation in education and society. In our Master’s-level classes, we provide deeper insights into specific thematic areas such as research on childhood and adolescence and gender studies. Current teaching topics include the history of educational knowledge, the history of the body and sexuality, the history of adoption and kinship, democracy and education in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and colonialism and racism as viewed through the lens of the history of education and of the family.

BA 180-90 Erziehungswissenschaft Veranstaltungsverzeichnis WiSe 2019 - V7.pdf (1009 KB)  vom 17.09.2019

MA 120 Erziehungswissenschaft Veranstaltungsverzeichnis WiSe 2019 - V6.pdf (754.1 KB)  vom 14.09.2019

BA 180-90 Erziehungswissenschaft Vorlesungsverzeichnis SoSe 2019 - v5- 2019-03-18.pdf (486.7 KB)  vom 19.03.2019

MA 120 Erziehungswissenschaft Vorlesungsverzeichnis SoSe 2019 - v3 - 2019-03-14.pdf (454.6 KB)  vom 19.03.2019

BA 180-90 Erziehungswissenschaft Vorlesungsverzeichnis WiSe 2018-19.pdf (204.6 KB)  vom 12.10.2018

MA 120 Erziehungswissenschaft Vorlesungsverzeichnis WiSe 2018-19.pdf (203.4 KB)  vom 29.09.2018